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Instrument Overview:

Available again is my customised version of the Pro One synthesizer, originally created for Wine Country. It features a number of additional functions compared to the original hardware unit, include SSM, CEM, Highpass, and Bandpass filters, extended arpeggiator, and step sequencer.
I had a customer contact me about buying the old Pro One plug-in I made (for Wine Country) some time ago, and shortly after I sold it to him, he wrote to ask if I could add some highpass and bandpass filters. I asked him did he want 24dB or 12 dB slope filters? He came back with, "yes"....for both! So, I added the filters, including the SSM and Minimoog emulations, plus a new filter select parameter.  

To get this new version of the Pro One (v3.0) for the Scope platform, click here: Purchase Pro One. Price is 99 EUR.
To upgrade from previous versions, please click here: Upgrade Pro One. Upgrade is 60 EUR.



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